Self-Worth Coaching
Harness the power of belief in yourself.


What is self-worth?

It's not something that we have or we don't. It's something we collect in fragments by doing difficult inner work, over and over again. There's no easy way around it.

As we identify and heal each of our many limiting beliefs, we are rewarded with fragments of self-worth. And with each new fragment, we move closer to embodying our true self and actualizing our true potential.

What kind of limiting beliefs do people have?

The most common one is "I'm not good enough." Here's one example of how that might play out.

Let's say you're going down on your partner. She stops you and asks if you want to fuck her. If you believe you aren't good enough in bed, you might assume that she isn't enjoying you going down on her, so you feel hurt, but you say, "Okay." Except now you can't get hard because you're stuck in your head, which makes her think you don't find her attractive, which then gets her get stuck in her head.

But what if that isn't the whole story? What if she asked you to stop going down on her because she had the limiting belief that he doesn't enjoy going down on me... What if she wanted YOU to enjoy yourself?

When you react to your limiting beliefs, it tends to trigger other people's limiting beliefs.

In contrast, if you were free of your limiting beliefs in this area, you might have simply said, "No, I want you to come first," thus helping to rewrite her limiting belief.

Likewise, if she was free of her limiting beliefs in this area, she might have simply let you continue going down on her until she came, thus helping to rewrite your limiting belief about being "not good enough" in bed.

How are my limiting beliefs holding me back?

Where do you feel stuck?

In dating? In your career? In your relationships with people?

When we're stuck, it feels like we've tried everything and run out of options. But that isn't quite true. You see, there ARE other options, but those options trigger our limiting beleifs, so we subconsciously take those options off the table.

We can't actually SEE those options, like in the sex example above.

So yes, you may have tried all the options on the table... but what about the options UNDER the table?

We've kept those options hidden to protect ourselves from pain but—my friend—our pain guides the way to self-worth. It shows you the path to healing and you simply can't avoid it forever. Sooner or later you won't be able to ignore it anymore.

The moment you decide to look under the hood and face that pain is the moment you begin the journey to self-acceptance, self-love, and self-actualization.

"That love business is a powerful thing. Greater than gravity? Well, yes. In its way, yes, I’d say it’s the greatest force on Earth." -Merlin, The Sword in The Stone.

And how can you help with all of this, Pete?

Every call with me looks like this...

To start, we talk about what you're struggling with. As you explain it, I listen for clues in the way you talk about it. I'll ask some questions and your hidden limiting beliefs will begin to appear.

Our first goal is to figure out which parts of yourself have you been hiding?

It won't be obvious. See, because the parts of you that you're hiding will be in a box marked, "Never talk about this to anyone, ever."

Once we identify the fear that caused you to bury these parts of you, I will help you figure out whether or not that fear is still justified. On most calls, you will decide to let go of that fear, thus entering new territory and opening the door for growth.

What makes you qualified to help me?

I had very little self-worth when I was younger. Over the past 10 years, I've worked through hundreds of my own limiting beliefs in the above manner—each time finding a new part of me that I was afraid to show, and each time discovering that it was actually safe to show it.

Not only was it safe, but people actually CRAVE this kind of vulnerability from us. It is the root of human connection and the basis of healthy, loving, fulfilling relationships and of community. We are not alone in our pains and fears, and when we share our own inner work, it allows others around us to heal as well.

I have walked down these often terrifying paths myself and I would be honoured to serve as your guide. I will help you unlock your self-worth, piece by piece.

How do I get started?

I offer a free initial coaching session to let you decide if we're a good fit. I know this journey is daunting. It isn't easy, but it's worth it. So if you have any questions or concerns before booking a call, please DM me on Instagram (@petezbro) or send me an email ( Otherwise you can book your free call below.

Pete's coaching changed my life.

Working with Pete has led to priceless changes in my mindset and my life. He's one of the most authentic people I have met and you can tell he genuinely wants you to succeed.

He leaves you with skills and practices that enable continual improvement. This has changed my trajectory and led to genuine relationships in dating and deeper friendships than I have experienced before. I am having more fun on dates than I have ever had. My only regret is that I had not done this work years ago.

I have spent a ton on self improvement over the years and this is one of the best investments I have made in myself.

From Michael, client.

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