Curious kid from middle-of-nowhere Poland. Grew up in a foreign metropolis (Gold Coast, Australia). Didn’t listen to anyone who told me I couldn’t.

Self-taught student of optimal living. Observer of people. Connoisseur of calculated risks. Player and producer of music. Lover of history, autobiographies and the esoteric. Currently in Vancouver, BC.

My credentials and past lives:

Globetrotting Copywriter
London, Kraków, Europe, Medellín, Vancouver, The Americas.

Pickup Artist and Coach
There’s a lot of good in this industry that gets lumped in with the bad. It’s deeply fulfilling to share a spark with a stranger.

Head of Sales at now-defunct Uber Eats predecessor

Street Interviewer on the topics of dating and sex

Civil Engineer at Arup Pty Ltd

Gamer (Counter-Strike)